About Us


DrBox.com.au is a patient record management system with workflow and automation to help doctors manage patient records securely, smartly and easily.

Along with electronic patient record management, DrBox.com.au provides electronic signature and consent management from patients. 

It enables doctors to manage their practice, appointments and reporting effectively and efficiently.

DrBox team comprises of –doctors, IT professional and application developer, program managers and seasoned creative thinkers and innovators.

Why DrBox?

DrBox –is a next generation Medical record storage and reporting product.

DrBox –allows doctors to control your patient’s record anywhere using any device

DrBox –allows doctors to search patient records

DrBox –is setup in secure cloud server within Australia.

DrBox –allows doctors to link appointments, medical records and billing in one single place.

DrBox –automates patient questionnaire that can be saved in DrBox folder of patient.

DrBox -Collaborate and share patient records with other doctors safely and securely.

Value Proposition for doctors

DrBox is an integrated platform, which will manage electronic patient record securely and smartly. Records can be searched and retrieved efficiently.

Doctors have a simple easy smart way to manage and retrieve patient record  anytime, anywhere using any device.fgfdgdfgdfgdf